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Montana Agate designer cab 4/29/2018 01 - 33 x 21 x 6.4 mm - 30 carats - This legendary USA agate is a standard in lapidary world wide. Known for it's very hard chalcedony with a variety of possible patterns from mosses to plumes, fortifications, rainbow iris and more it is easy to love this material. This cabochon has the beautiful "confetti" patterns sweeping through the blue-ish translucent agate. I'm very pleased with this gem. It is one of the nicest Montana agate cabs I've cut. I would rate it near flawless. This designer teardrop gem has a beautifully rounded high dome, girdled sides and a flat beveled back all with liquid high gloss luster. An excellent, classic American agate gem. Here is a video clip to see the stone in motion: