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Swazi "Rose" agate designer gem 2/26/2018 01 - 48 x 26 x 3.7 mm - 29 carats - This pretty in pink cabochon is cut from an agate from Swaziland Africa. I got this material from Eugene Mueller in Tucson, thanks Gene! The photos are good but do not really capture the pink and grey translucent colors as beautifully as they appear in real life. This curvaceous paisley flame designer gem is near flawless has a beautifully rounded, very low dome making it large yet lightweight, It has girdled sides and a flat beveled back. As far as I can see the material is flawless, rare for this type of agate in a piece this large. The cut is excellent and beautifully balanced. Topped off with an outstanding liquid high gloss luster this stone is sure to please. Here is a video clip to see the stone in motion: $125.00 shipped to USA - paypal