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Cacoxenite / Goethite in Amethyst wand gem 10/22/2017 01 - 49 x 13 x 5.4 mm - 25 carats - This magical material comes from Brazil and is also known by many other trade names... This stone is cut from the rare wand type crystal - and it is stunning. It's cut from a whole crystal preserving all the minerals present from the base to the purple amethyst termination. This one has it all: Amethyst with golden cacoxenite (goethite if you're a real mineral nerd.. lol) at the termination, silvery grey goethite chevron included quartz in the middle (the middle shows a metallic chatoyant play of light as well) and citrine with red hematite in the base. This elegant, designer cut tear has beautifully rounded low dome, girdled sides and a low domed and beveled back all with high gloss luster. It is difficult to find a piece that can cut this type of gem, making this particular gem very rare. Here's a video to see the stone in motion: $149.00 shipped to USA - paypal

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